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Finnegan Begin Again

Walk with me in the rain...or in my dreams...

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A few days ago I disconnected from a dear friend.

And even though it was the correct thing to do, today I miss SST W and right now I wish I could share:

Nothing compares … 

No worries or cares … 

Regrets and mistakes … 

They are memories made.

Who would have known …

How …

Bittersweet THIS would …


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Thank you Ms. Bellingham

British news is reporting the sad passing of Lynda Bellingham, the actress who played the second Helen in All Creatures Great & Small …

Next to Blackadder and Fawlty Towers, she and the other characters from that classic series continue to warm my soul…

Thank you and cheers Ms. Bellingham … 

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Took the weekend to drive around and see the change in season, and found Castleman’s River Bridge, an Old Toll House and a LONG hotel hallway …

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In my dreams…

Vicky was in my dream last night/this morning.  

Every time I dream of her I always wake feeling so refreshed and calm and extremely happy.  Every episode she’s in she snuggles and protects and looks at me with those pretty brown expressive loving eyes.

We used to sit quietly together and stare out the window with Vicky’s chin resting on my arm  … and always at some point she would give out this adorable comfortable sigh.

I simply love Vicky:  From the time she lived with my parents to now, when she visits me in my dreams and we go on adventures or she just sits with me and sighs.

Until next time Vicky  … 


 If only in my dreams …

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How to start a day …

This morning my dreams included me on a movie set watching a remake of Star Wars but with little kids, to being in a supermarket with Will Smith and Usher signing autographs and generally being silly, to walking in a park and having a younger-ish Steve Martin stop me, stare deep into my eyes and sing me Kermit the Frog’s Rainbow Connection song.

(I stopped a long time ago being weirded out by my dreams and now just accept them as part of my daily life).

And because the windows are open I casually and slowly came out of my dream to the sounds of the city waking up on the streets below.

So now I sit here with a cup of coffee and look out my balcony window to see how many more leaves have changed.

What an awesome way to start a day …

Happy Friday.


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Nature vs Nurture


Dear Godfather Parts I & II:

I naturally heart you with all that I have in my soul and can dutifully recite your lines verbatim.  However, the Fickle Finger of Cosmos deemed the following flicks to be mine to love, have and hold ‘til the silver screen fades:

  1. Start the Revolution Without Me
  2. Honeysuckle Rose
  3. Meatballs
  4. Eat and Run
  5. The Devil and Max Devlin

Kindly judge not too harshly as my parents raised me in places with only government-run TV stations and basement video rentals (so by week’s end you two were always checked out by another family).  

Oh, and I lack the sheer mental strength it takes to alter Nurture.

But warmest regards and don’t ever change.




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Good Grief

I dreamt JB and I were at a pub that was hit by a storm and rising water and he and I had to flee to higher ground … to find another pub.


Ummmm…So I’m kind of thinkin I might just gloss over this story the next time I chat it up with my imaginary therapist.

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Almost A Girl…

True Story.

A guy stopped me today and asked:  ”Hey, I notice you don’t carry a purse like other girls … what’s up with that?”

Not normally into “dude, where’s my car” type of questions, and for whatever reason, I earnestly replied: “Oh, I don’t need one.  See I only carry a driver’s license, a credit card, my keys, phone and chapstick … all fit into a pocket”

And the guy, without hesitation, said:  ”Wow so you’re like, you know, almost a girl uh?”

Happy Thursday.  It’s like, you know, almost the weekend.